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Welcome to a New Version of You!

Flat Side Recovery helps women worldwide make their dream body a reality through our surgery consultation services. We will prepare you for your surgery from organizing to personal guidance.


Are you planning to have a cosmetic procedure or surgery in the Dominican Republic? Then your in the right place. 

Start your journey here today with Flat Side Recovery

>Why Flat Side Recovery?
-We are certified project managers and are capable 
-We only work with reliable companies
-We have done our research in order to better serve you 
-Excellent references
-We work with contracts to avoid misunderstandings

>What are the steps? 
-Gathering all the required information to get you a quote from Dr Medina
-If you agree with the quote from Dr medina, you will then get the terms and conditions 
-After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will make your deposit 
-After your deposit you ill be added to a Facebook group where you will find all information needed. 

>What does it cost?
-You can request a quote via Flat Side Recovery, we communicate on your behalf to the doctor/assistant 
-Your rate will determine what procedure the you need. 
-If you have already received a quote then we can pick up from there and get you your expense tracker

>What does the trip look like?? 
-You will depart from your nearest airport an arrive at Santo Domingo airport in the Dominican Republic.
-There will be a driver there waiting for you to take you to your hotel. You will stay in a hotel the 5 days before surgery.
-A driver will pick you up and take you to all your doctor appointments and bring you back. 
-Then after your surgery you will go to the recovery home that you chose for the remainder of your trip. 
-The day you leave back home the driver will take you back to the airport and you will have wheelchair service.

>Group trip dates
-October 13, 2021
-January 10, 2022
-March 10, 2022

>How long is the trip??
Dr Medina requires you to arrive 5 days before surgery, she recommends that you stay 10-15 after your surgery for proper recovery in order to travel back home to your country. A Covid test is still required as protocol regardless if you are vaccinated. 

>How long is recovery?? 
You should take a few weeks of f of work once you return home. Recovery takes a few months but after a few weeks you should be able to get around better and be able to get things back to normal. 

Have any questions? Please contact us through the contact form at the top or through the contact information at the bottom of the page.


Tania Medina, MD, is an international member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as a member of an international plastic surgery society, and has achieved the required training, ethical standards, and continuing medical education as required for membership in that international society. Dr. Medina has met all the requirements of ASPS international membership.

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